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About Ezer L'Talmud

Ezer L'talmud is a one of a kind not-for-profit organization, which provides unique, innovative and individualized attention and services for teens-at-risk, their families, and their communities. Teens exhibiting at-risk behaviors have placed their entire social, emotional, familial and academic development in jeopardy. Ezer L'talmud deals with all of these realities with compelling positive outcomes.

Ezer L'talmud has developed a broad portfolio of both short and long term programs designed to assist teens in need and their families to overcome their many challenges by providing them with the life skills and training, social support networks and professional counseling, in a positive, healthy environment that is fun, exciting, secure and highly productive.

The idea that "you are needed," no matter who you are, is a critical ingredient to the success of Ezer L'talmud programs. And it is this element of inclusiveness and reliance on teamwork that sets an Ezer L'talmud apart from any other learning experience; Ezer L'talmud members are "crew, not passengers." Ezer L'talmud doesn’t only encourage students to contribute to the group; we require it. Awareness and respect of others is not optional; it is necessary for success.

Our Goals:

  • To build leaders.

  • To inspire at-risk youth to reach higher than they believe is possible.

  • To provide ongoing guidance and support to our students and mentees for many years to come.

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